Thursday, 9 November 2017

Leger samples....Spotless!!

By it's very release, the following statement from the IGB sparks more questions than it intends to answer. Less than FIVE days since the final and all post race samples are returned negative. FIVE DAYS.........seems the laboratory, processing and subsequent administration has improved leaps and bounds following the trials and tribulations in our annus horribillus!!


All anti-doping samples taken at Irish St. Leger return negative

All 114 samples taken from the 60 competing greyhounds throughout the six rounds of the Irish St. Leger at Limerick Stadium have returned negative for prohibited substances. Included in this figure are the twelve samples taken from all six greyhounds that competed in the Final of the Irish St. Leger at Limerick on Saturday 4 November. The finalists were sampled twice on the night – pre-racing and post racing.

Unannounced out-of-competition testing also took place at private kennels during the competition and these have returned negative.

The tests were conducted using the new world-leading analytical machine in the IGB laboratory that is internationally accredited and can detect substances at very low levels, in parts per trillion.

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